Crank Shaft Grinder Machine

Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Model ARB 500

Connecting Rod Boring Machine, Model ARB500 is a high precision product designed to machine both new connecting rods as well as for reconditioning of worn connecting rods. This machine is provided with a sturdy boring spindle. The carriage is provided with both rapid & Fine Auto Feed controlled by separate PLC Drive to facilitate a fine and speedy operation while boring.

Salient Features

Minimum And Maximum Bore Centre Of Con-Rod Min 80 – Max 600 mm
Boring Spindle Speeds (Variable - VFD) Infinitely variable, 100-1600 rpm
Boring Range Min ø15 – Max ø175
Feed Both Direction Infinitely Variable
Table Traverse - Crosswise 50 mm
Table Movement - Longitudinal 450 mm
Spindle Speed Motor 1 HP 3PH 50 Hz
Motor Table Feed (Variable Drive - VFD) 0.5HP 3PH 50 Hz
Length Of The Machine 1200mm
Width Of The Machine 650mm
Height Of The Machine 2000mm
Net Weight 750kg (approx)
Gross Weight 900kg (approx)
Shipping Volume 3 m3

Standard Accessories

Boring spindle ø-14 1No Connecting rod clamping collar ø-14 1No
Boring spindle ø -26 1No Connecting rod clamping collar ø-26 1No
Boring spindle ø -40 1No Connecting rod clamping collar ø-40 1No
Boring spindle ø -58 1No Connecting rod clamping collar ø-58 1No
Boring tools (03 Nos Each) dia 10 & dia 6 Centering cone 1 Set 2Nos
T.S.M frame 1No Allen key set 1 Set 9Nos
Centering device with dial gauge 1No Operating manual 1No
Tool setting micrometer assembly 1No Leveling plate 4Nos
Taper pin (o1 Set) 7Nos foundation bolt 4Nos
Taper pin (01 Set) 5Nos 14 mm Allen key 01No
Tool adjusting block 1No